Professional career

I'm an experienced software engineer and engineering manager who has data engineered scalable backends, built developer tools, SDKs, and front-end user interfaces for top mobile analytics SaaS developer tools.

In 2013, I joined the Crashlytics team and brought real-time crash reporting to Android. I built developer tools for Fabric, Twitter's mobile developer platform that was acquired by Google in 2017. At Google, I helped us along our Firebase migration by enhancing our GDPR readiness and improving our SDK, then worked on a handful of features related to the core of Crashlytics, such as the ability to stream crashes directly into Bigquery and "Crashlytics Signals", a change that helped developers focus on their apps' largest issues.

Currently, I'm working on the Firebase Test Lab product.

I love public speaking -- I presented at Google I/O about improvements Crashlytics team made to custom key filtering. I gave a talk at mobile @ Scale about how we scaled a mobile APM tool to hundreds of billions of daily events. I'm experienced with build systems. I've spoken on several occasions, such as Droidcon about Gradle, the Android build tool.

Before working in the SaaS space, I was a data scientist. I worked on AI and ML systems at Charles River Analytics. There I worked on several projects, including DARPA's Cybergenome program.

Check out my LinkedIn for an up-to-date description of my professional career.

A bit about myself

I have a hobby in drawing comics. I drew a comic during an inktober called Drawing a Blank. I wrote comics for my undergrad and graduate newspapers. For Crashlytics, I was lucky enough to work with a professional artist Luke Kruger-Howard to produce a comic about Crashlytics. One of my favorite facts I use for "two truths and a lie" is thousands of comics have my art -- when I was a teen, I drew templated characters for a website called (I drew the two "kaddar" comic categories) and now thousands of people have made comics with my art.

I got into software engineering out of a love of game development. I still occasionally hack on game projects, you can follow my Twitch for a chance to see it live (My last unreleased project was a game written in Rust for the A few years ago, I worked on a weekend GMTK Game Jam, and it was super fun! When I was younger, I'd often modify games I played. I had a Counter-strike mod called "Runemod" that was one of the most popular CS 1.6 mods, and if you'd like to travel extremely far back in time, you can play an old dos ZZT game, Slime Line I once made, thanks to an dos emulator.

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